About us

Finnish Schools International is the most innovative international school network utilizing the Finnish education system and teachers – the best in the world – combined with unique and proprietary educational technology.

We use:

– Technology and games to individualize the learning for every student;
– Outdoor learning, sports, and unique learning environment design to improve the health and wellbeing of our students;
– Integrated arts and crafts to develop creativity and team dynamics; and
– Kitchen science, programming, and robotics to develop a love for STEM.
– In every school, we developed a miniature town called HelPriCity where our students learn the concepts of citizenship, business, entrepreneurship, governance, professional life and leadership through experiential learning.

Our schools are fun, creative, engaging, and personalized.

Our first campuses in Prishtina, Kosovo has opened in September 2018. The next one will open in Tirana, Albania for next semester. We are on the road to revolutionizing global education system, one school at a time.

Would you like a Finnish School in your Community? Contact us at info@finnish.school