Upper Secondary School

10 to 12 graders

High school includes general and professional department.

The role of upper secondary education is to strengthen broad-based education. In high school education, general education consists of values, knowledge, skills, attitudes, and will to enable individuals capable of critical and independent thinking to act responsibly, sympathetically, comfortably and successfully.

During the high school, the student acquires knowledge and know-how relevant to people, cultures, nature and society.

High School Teaching enriches the student to understand the complex interdependencies in life and the world and to structure broad-based phenomena.

High School education is a teaching and educational task. During education, the student builds on their identity, humanity, worldview, and worldview. At the same time, students develop their relationship with the past and focus on the future. Primary education deepens the student’s interest in the world of sciences and arts and develops skills in working life and work.

The upper secondary education guides the student to prepare future plans and lifelong learning.