Learning through games at Finnish School of Kosovo

The Finnish School in Kosovo has reached an agreement with the 5MoreMinutes Ltd from Finland, which develops one of the world’s most important gaming platforms. The online gaming platform TeacherGaming utilized by the most innovative and renowned schools in the world offers games for almost every subject and learning unit.


To date, TeacherGaming’s products and services are offered to more than 16,000 schools around the world, serving more than 1,000 other teachers who use this platform individually for their students and is ranked as one of the 100 world-changing innovations today in world from web-Disrupt100.


The Finnish School of Kosovo has already reached a cooperation agreement with TeacherGaming and the pupils of this school have full access to the use of these learning games. TeacherGaming Desk is a one-click game based learning solution and is designed to make video games a sustainable teaching tool for any classroom.


TeacherGaming Desk combines an ever-growing portfolio of playable games and powerful learning analyzes. Educators can choose games for the needs of their students, learn a variety of subjects, and track their students’ progress in terms of real life skills. This platform also offers parents online access to follow the progress of their children all the time. 

Children are eager to learn new things, curious about the world around them, and experimenting with what they learn. The Finnish education system is based on these facts, and in the heart of the Finnish system is curiosity, learning through games and using technology in learning. In Finland, the program is based on games, for children to have an attractive lesson, and at the same time students achieve results that cannot be achieved by the classical method. The use of more coherent technology enables students to invent and propose ideas for collective reflection, encouraging them to analyze and explore the past, present and future of processes occurring in the real world in real time.

For more detailed information about the Finnish School in Kosovo, please contact through the phone number 045-235650 or send an e-mail to info@shkollafinlandeze.com.