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FSI to open five new schools in South East Europe and Colombia

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Individual Learning

Individual Learning and Guiding Plan for every student!
  1. Setting aims for every child
  2. Support plan

Kids are evaluated not graded!

  1. Evaluation method to include children and parents.
  2. Progress Reports for every academic year

Games Based Learning

91% of Kids play games!

Children in nature are eager to knowing new things, curious about the world around them, and experimenting with what they learn. In the heart of the Finnish system is curiosity, learning through games, and technology usage in learning.

Kids have been talking for ages telling everyone that games are what they like. The question we must ask ourselves is – why don’t we find ways to use games as a methodology of teaching? Finnish School does exactly that by using the Game Based Learning methodology as a way of teaching.

Computational Thinking and Coding

Technology and coding have redefined our lives. At Finnish School, children learn Computational Thinking and Coding from the age of 4. Watch Linda Liukas video to learn more about Computational Thinking.

Stimulating creativity by integrating Arts and Handcraft

Children engaged in Arts, Creativity and Handicraft mix classes show a stronger development in Motor Skills, Language Development, Decision Making, Visual Learning, Inventiveness, Cultural Awareness and an overall improvement in Academic Performance. At Finnish School, we integrate drama, music, visual arts and handcraft to develop creativity and team work. Our Arts lab is an open space where no matter in which grade you are, you have to collaborate and create with other students.

Science with kitchen experiments

In Finnish School, we use kitchen ingredients that children see and use every day, to conduct scientific experiments. In addition to Chemistry, Biology and Physics Labs, students conduct advanced science experiments using Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality.

Outdoor Learning

Outdoor learning environments stimulate the diversity of children’s play experience and contribute to their healthy development. Finnish School incorporates the learning process as part of outdoor activities.

Let’s take a walk...

State of the Art Campuses Studies show that school environment design has a direct impact in student learning.

We utilize the best practices of Finnish and Scandinavian architecture to design state of the art learning environments, where students thrive.